Sunday, March 30, 2014

Margarita's Place

Margarita has a place
at the corner of sorrow and regret
I visit her daily
under the neon lights and lonely guitar's howl

"Baby girl, you don't belong here" Margarita disapproves
"I belong nowhere if not in his arms." as I take my corner booth
She pats my shoulder and leaves me to the dark
Another night alone with a broken heart

Lesser men have tried
to sooth the pain
There is more behind a pretty face
But I'm just another bed post notch to their "game"

Margarita's place is where the lonely meet
To drown their anger in a poison of choice
Yet I take the darkest corner
Dying to forget the memory of his voice.

© Mika Buell
March 26, 2014

*note for artwork. Edgar Degas, L'Absinthe, 1876

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