Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Day 2014 plus my word

Happy New Year everyone! Also Happy Anniversary to my precious blog. The lifeline for my random mind. 2013 is finally OVER. I thought 2012 was can get much worse, trust me.

I'm ready to start 2014 with the beautiful souls I surround myself with. Over the past year I have cut  several people out; my health and happiness has improved tremendously as a result. I plan on focusing on what is most important to me this friends, boyfriend, writing and photography.

If you've read previous New Year posts you know I pick one word to describe what I want to feel/accomplish/change during the year. My first word (in 2012) was "Blossom". My art and writing did exactly that. 2013's word(s) "Move Forward" it literally took the entire damn year, but it happened. I'm happy to announce my word for 2014 is "Abundance"Cited

I have an abundance of love and creativity within me - all too often I take it for granted. When I look at my life right now, I'm thankful and humble at the abundance of positive influence everywhere I turn. I take nothing for granted, as I have just crawled out of Hell.

I love you all and I hope 2014 is your BEST year yet!



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