Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day - Photos and Rants

Valentine's Day...a day of economic bliss. A day where a man does not feel like a pansy for buying flowers. A day with too much chocolate, overly priced food and sappy mushy cards. My biggest complaint with the 'holiday' is: If you love someone - honestly love them with all your heart, why do you need to wait until February 14th to show them? It's not even about the candy, flowers, balloons, teddy bears, cards, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, dinners, candles, music, lingerie or the possible *ahem* sex. I could never understand putting a price tag on love for one day. If you want to buy your honey flowers...it's just as important to her in August as it is now. I don't want to be loved 1 day out of the year. I want you to hold me and tell me you love me, every day, for the rest of our lives together. It doesn't cost a penny...but it means the whole world to me.

With that said, I finished my Valentines project with 40 minutes to spare on the day. ha!

All in all I hope you enjoyed Valentine's Day.

Anyone want to share thoughts? Stories? Complaints? Comment below.

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