Monday, December 5, 2011

Jump Print by Jessica Swift's December already??? Didn't we just celebrate Fourth of July yesterday? Ok, maybe it was two days ago - but still this is crazy! I have 20 days to miraculously make presents appear out of thin air. I should have married a magician! No offense honey :) this month makes 10 years together as a couple, so he should be used to my dry sense of humor by now.

Why am I writing this blog post again? Christmas! That's right. On Cyber Monday I treated myself to a gift I had been wanting to purchase for several months. Jessica Swift is an absolutely amazing artist. She has inspired me in so many ways - especially using more color in my art. On Cyber Monday morning I started my daily routine as always by checking one of my (several) email accounts. This particular account is where I receive feeds for blogs/artists I adore. :) What did I see in my inbox that fateful morning? A new blog post by the lovely Jessica Swift with the title of "it's Cyber Monday, let's have a SALE!" I couldn't open the email fast enough to see just what she was offering.

Here is the link to the actual post-but in gist if you spent $15 in her shop you received her awesome 2012 Printable Goal and Intention Kit for FREE! At this point I was a freakin' kid in a candy store. I couldn't make my mind up on what I wanted to order. Truth be told, I wanted it all :D

Long story short I ordered one of her prints that kept speaking to me. I viewed it several times and knew this was it. As promised, once the order was complete I received my kit. I scanned over it and instantly fell in love with the colors and design!

I received my print today and couldn't wait to open the envelope! It's my Happy Christmas present to myself signed and dated by Jessica!

The seal on the back-how cute is this sticker?!?!

Her card <3

And her print!!!! I can't wait to frame and hang this!!!!!! ---You can order this print here.

Next I have to sweet talk someone in to buying me a pair of her Rain Boots :D

Enough gushing over my new present - for now. Be sure to check her out, you won't be disappointed!

Best wishes,



  1. Mika, I'm so glad you love the print and the Goal & Intention Kit! Hooray! ANd I'm glad you enjoyed the sale-- it's always nice to get a deal on things, isn't it? :)

    Thank you again so so much!! Come back anytime!

  2. Live color.....LOVE it!
    Thanks for the tip.
    And happy December to you...may
    your days be merry and bright:)


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