Monday, November 21, 2011

Coffeeshop, Rust, Annabel

I have 10 days left to enter the poetry contest I've waited years for. I've narrowed it down to 3 poems...I can enter all of them (for an additional $10 each) so I thought I would share my top 3 with everyone. Feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.

Poem #1 Definitely entering this one

One day our paths will cross
In a quiet coffee shop downtown
You will be in the corner reading "The Communist Manifesto"

As I step through the door
You will look at me and time will pause
Minutes pass before my mind jolts
You smile amusingly with your blue eyes

My heart will sink as I walk by you
Memories flash before my eyes
And my hands will shake

Do I speak to you?
Do you acknowledge me?
Do we treat this as a delicate flower?
Or a rock in the road?

Just as my lips part to force a syllable
You raise your head and whisper
"Not here...Not now...Not ever"©

Poem #2 

I am rust
Tears trickle down my bronze face
Shamed by you
My rust continues to grow

I am rust
You left me in the rain
Cold and alone
A statue frozen in time

I am rust
No amount of caring
No amount of love
Can turn me back

I am rust
Tarnished by lies
Ruined by hate
And broken by pain

I am rust
Orange and brown
My feelings are peeling away
Falling at my feet

I am rust
Weathered and unidentified
Dead to all but me
The rust has consumed the best of me

I.. am... rust...©

Poem #3 

'You are my Annabel Lee
Your life has such tragedy'
These words you often spoke to me
And to this day still linger like a mystery.

For a second of a life time
I lived for you - you were mine
Now I long to hear those lines
To have them echo in my mind

Losing hope in you
Is something I never wanted to do
But as the pain grew
I knew nothing else could be true

I was your Annabel Lee
Now just a memory
Like a bird longing to be free
You are caged in your tragedy©

Thanks for feedback in advance! <3

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