Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Day 357 of the year 2011. This is my 147th blog post. No where near my goal set out in January. I've come to terms with that. This blog as not been a failure by a long shot. So many positive things have sprung from my little corner of the web and I am grateful for this. I will spend more time reflecting in a few days...for today's post is Christmas Eve.

I know I'm not alone in saying money is tight. Our little Christmas tree is usually overflowing with presents. But this year they all fit nice and snug on the table. Sure I wish I could have spend more money. But as I look at our little tree and the pretty little presents waiting patiently I know I did all I could do with what I had. Yes I know there is someone reading my post right now saying "That's not what Christmas is about" well...not for you. Christmas has always been about spending time with family and friends. Laughing and loving. Sharing and bonding. And presents. And food.

Only opening/sharing a handful of gifts this year will make me appreciate what I share even more.

Merry Christmas everyone. It's time for my long winters nap.

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