Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

So Christmas came and went by way of sunlight this year. I was fortunate enough to spend the day with my husband and parents. It was nice to visit with my cousin, her husband and daughter for the short period they could spend. I was fortunate enough to see my Grandmother. There's no excuse as to why I never visit her, I could pop my head in on my way to my parents (literally drive by her door) I'm thankful for everyone and everything.

The spoils of Christmas were wonderful this year. I asked for a Kindle until I was blue in the face, and my wonderful husband listened. :) I now have a Kindle Fire and I can't put it down.

Big surprises at my parents...My gift from Dad was a new zoom lens for my camera. Tomorrow's post will have the full details and first shots with the new toy. My gift from Mom (among other things) was a "Gossip Table" or a Telephone table. Since day one of buying our house I knew a gossip table would look great in my dining room - and it does!

I could go on and on about my presents, but I have to say the best gift I received was peace. I needed the calm/stillness and it was such a relief.

How was your Christmas? Get something very unexpected? Give a awesome gift? Have a story to share? I'd love to hear/read it!

Enjoy the family photos. Now if you'll excuse me I have my grandmother's banana pudding to devour. :)

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