Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Official

I'm almost a week late on blog posts. To help keep my thoughts in some sort of order (ha) I guess I need to post the next day. I can honestly say last Tuesday was one of the best days of my life-thus far. As fate so willingly intervened in an otherwise grey life...I was able to officially announce something simply amazing.

Here is the announcement straight from my fan page: "Beginning June 21, 2011 I will be instructing a Beginner's Photography Class at "The Wilder Side of Art" in Middlesboro! Classes are 2-4 every Tuesday" I am so thrilled to be doing more and more with my photography. Becky Wilder is simply amazing and I can never thank her enough for giving me the opportunity.

After I left The Wilder Side of Art I drove to the Veteran's park in town with my camera. Below are the photos from my happy happy day. :)

More info about the classes will be posted to my fan page soon!



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