Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Coincidence or Ghosts?

I spent a lovely overcast Sunday out of town. I had hoped for sunny skies (and had them all morning) but once I drove to Tazewell, TN it was a very grey day. I walked the streets alone. Being Sunday (in a small town) I had the place to myself. I then found myself in the "Tazewell Irish Cemetery"-which I had no clue existed. I wondered aimlessly through the 200 year old graveyard...it was magnificent.

The strangest thing happened once I was home. I transferred the photos from my camera and viewed them using Windows Photo Viewer. Once I flipped through the day's adventure and went to open one (to change to b/w) I realized I was missing around 30 pictures. Here is the freaky part...I lost almost every photo from the cemetery. I have the first 3 and the last 6...all of the grave stones in between are gone. Memorials, gone. And of course like a idiot I had already deleted them off of my memory card...the photos are gone! I know you all are thinking it's a coincidence and it probably is...but I was freaked out nonetheless.

Now I'll have to aimlessly walk around the cemetery again to retake the photos I lost. Of course it's not a bad thing. :)



1 comment:

  1. I love the pictures of the graves. They're very eerie and haunting. Beautiful work.


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