Friday, April 29, 2011

A Vent On Fashion

Today's post will bore the guys and probably some girls. lol. This is one of my vent blog posts.

I am no where near a Betty Homemaker or about to win the wife of the year award for cooking and cleaning...but I am a girl at heart, even if my mouth says otherwise.

I shocked some folks at work today for wearing pears and 'bling'. Of course it's fake, which is something else I don't give two shits about. I fell in love with this Avon necklace (even though it's not my style) or maybe I fell for it because it's not my style.

Just because I don't dress in foo-foo pink outfits I am always under the impression that people look down on me for my love of fashion. A year ago I bought a Vogue magazine at a Walgreen's. The cashier (who was middle aged and looked like she just crawled out of the back woods, if you know what I mean) scanned the magazine staring at the cover. She then looked at me with disgust and asked, "You actually like these books?" I should have told her to mind her own damn business but I was in shock. I ignored her and went on. That's when it dawned on me, it's a form of racism...If I'm not a pretty little blond in Gap clothes, carrying a Chanel bag I shouldn't like fashion. Well guess what? I'm a normal (figuratively) working woman who can't afford the DKNY Jeans, the Louis Vuitton hand bag and Prada shoes because I live pay check to pay check...but that does not mean I don't obsess over the finer things in life.

The type of photography I have always dreamed of shooting? The Runway. I want to photograph models around the world. I dream of being present at shows in Paris and Milan. I never mention these things because they are too far out of reach. I'm content with what I have (for now) but one day...I will want more. No, I will need more.

Today's photo...the pearl/bling necklace that caused this rampage. I even wore smokey eyeshadow today. Yes...I'm a girl and I love fashion.



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  1. that has got to be one of the more ridiculous stereotyping i've heard of! it's really shallow of people to think that you have (or should not have) zero interest in fashion just because you don't "fit the bill" of the "usual" girls who have their nose in it. (inverted commas for emphasis on how dumb it actually is, pbfft.) vice versa, it's also shallow for people to think that all blonde-haired, prada loving, gucci owning girls think/care about is fashion and ONLY fashion - nothing else. society really gets messed up by media portrayals, i spose. btw, sorry for the über long comment. i have the tendency to ramble but i'm just trying to say I AGREE WITH YOU!!!


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