Thursday, March 3, 2011

Strung Up

1:23am...I've just worked 10 hours and I'm sitting in my PJ's rubbing my eyes. Another accomplishment? 3 more photos added to the month of March and another day closer to the end of this project.

I purposefully did not take my camera along for the ride to work today. I need to stop being lazy. Instead of just photographing the mountains and sun (or rain) I need to get the creative juices flowing ya know? Tonight's photos are simple...yet alluring in their own weird way. As odd as it may seem, I love lights. Yes yes I know, Ms. "I try to be all dark and evil" loves lights? It's true. The obsession with stringing Christmas lights on the celing didn't end in High School for me. 3 rooms in my home has them strung up. Yeah...I love lights.

This set of lights are strung up in the bedroom. :)


Until tomorrow,


1 comment:

  1. These are great! A notice a lot of people using Christmas style lights for decoration, and in the right context, it can look very cool...


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