Saturday, February 19, 2011

Braving The Wolves

Day 50...and I must say, I'm rather nervous about today's post/photos. Part of me is thinking logically "you have family that reads this." And part of me is thinking "if this is you, if this is your it. damn the consequences!" I've went back and forth with myself over this for hours...and finally came to the conclusion; I must be brave and do as my heart tells me.

So I must use a disclaimer...if you find offense to the human form, please leave now. If you are going to preach at me for what I'm doing, don't bother. I'm not brave enough to post the nude photos that I took...but I figured this was a start...even though I really want to post those too. lol.

Nudity has always been in art, so why do I feel like I'm about to crucify myself by publishing this? Sex is taboo. Especially if you are a woman. If you enjoy nudity and sex you are a common whore. It's not something you speak of in public. It's not lady like...nor is it kosher. Well...I'm here today to grow balls (so to speak) and say...I have a love/hate relationship with sex and I blame society. If I were honest with myself I would be able to say I love sex...but because of the taboo I hate it. I love the human body. I can even become aroused by viewing it. It has taken me these 27 years to own up to this. There is no going back's out there.

I'm not apologizing for anything I've said...I will stand by my words until the end. My only hope is I can become brave enough to stop giving a shit what others think and make the art I long to make.

I think I've done enough damage tonight.


Mika...the martyr. 

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  1. I think they are absolutely beautiful photos, Mika, and you're have nothing to be ashamed about...I applaud you for your choices! It's a great start!


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