Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Night - as told by a wild woman

I've mulled this post in my head all day/evening and have finally decided to say, why the hell not...even if no one reads your posts, it's out of your head.

I voted today. This is really nothing new. I vote every time there is an election. Why? It's not that I feel I have a voice that can change the tide; though now that I think of it, I might! I vote because 100 years ago, as a woman I would have been fighting for this right. This same right that we all take for granted. I vote in honor of every woman who stood for equality. I vote because my 89 year old Grandmother (who still lives alone) has not voted in years, due to the fact "It's so hard to work the machines" No amount of reasoning will convince her otherwise. They however, cannot take away my voice. Had I been of age during the suffrage I'm sure jail would have been my permanent address.

But enough about history. The future is tonight. I don't care who you voted for, unless it was Darth Vader, then I'm just mad I didn't write him in myself.

If your candidate won, congratulations. If your candidate lost, I'm sorry. The only thing that will change tomorrow is the date on the calendar. Complaining about the other party winning/losing will only add to the division this country is experiencing. Don't gloat. Don't pout. Get your ass up and move on. That is what American's do best...work through the issue and move on to the next.

I stand a proud, wild woman because I voted.



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