Sunday, July 1, 2012

THS 1st Annual Midsummer Novel Challenge!

Hello kittens! Welcome to the first day of July. Or as I prefer to call it "OMG when does Winter arrive"?!?!?! hehe

I've been busy lately, working through Wedding photographs, taking a hiatus and not being able to talk for 3 days straight due to a swollen face. But other than that, things are great tolerable!

I wanted to do a quick jot of a challenge my friend Tamara Coffey has started for the month. She and I were discussing time management for working, sleeping, writing and doing other creative work - and how it simply cannot be done. This is when the light bulb zapped her (or maybe it was the electric shock from her shoes) either way, the gods reminded Tamara of a perfect scenario for our issue. Over the past several years Tamara has used November challenge to help her control time management and this was also how she completed her first (published) novel "The Pathos of Rowan Jun" <--shameless plug, you can read my review here.

Since we are months away from November (and cooler weather) We have decided to start up a Midsummer Novel Challenge instead. I basically didn't want to wait until November to really churn out a good portion of my novel. Starting now July 1, 2012 until July 31, 2012 at 11:55 PM

(The actual challenge is an Event on Facebook that everyone is welcomed to join)

Just realized that July is the perfect month to host writers who have a busy autumn season! Have a novel to write and finish? Do it in just a month with Mika and me! Starting July 1st through 31st, we'll both be churning out full length novel manuscripts.

Goal: Finish a 50,000 word (at least) rough draft in 31 days!

Simple Rules:
1. Spend June 30 doing outlines, character ideas, etc, in any genre, but don't start writing the actual book yet!
2. Starting midnight June 30, until midnight July 31st, write between 1,500 and 2,000 words per day, give or take.
3. Do NOT go back and read your previous day's writing, rewrite anything, or even ATTEMPT to edit. Editing is for August 1st. Plow ahead!
4. Don't worry about perfection. Get the story out, no matter what! Don't give up!
5. Post your total word count/daily word count on this event's page, brag, complain, ask questions, post brief excerpts, and discuss story, characters, structure... anything related to your projects!

The Prize: Bragging Rights
So do you think you're up for it? As with anything new, some days will be easier than others but unless you try, you will never know exactly how far you can take this thing!

Best of luck to everyone. I've made a little ticker to keep track of the days left. Tonight I will update a new post with my exact amount of words for Day 1!


  1. Yay! :D We're kickin' butt over there...

  2. good posting about THS 1st Annual Midsummer Novel Challenge!


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