Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday I'm In Love

A lot of the blogs I adore post a weekly "What I love" or "Linky Love" and I can honestly say these are my favorite posts to read. There is usually some pretty interesting shit in their links in which I automatically turn to Thomas and say "Ha! Look at this!" The main reason I love these blog posts? I get a sneak peek inside the minds of what makes my favorite bloggers tick. Obviously there is a connection (otherwise I wouldn't be reading their every word. Every post)

Then the thought hit me, why not give this list a go? Since I'm starting off after work on a Saturday night I will keep it short. I may try posting my faves every Friday. A great way to end the week? I think so!

Saw this link on four-eyes rella and laughed hysterically. Definitely not a two week notice.

I love me some cotton candy dreams! <3 From Bliss Sister's Facebook page.

VioletBella's shop on Etsy has such yummy pieces. This necklace is my fave. Sooo want!

and last...wonderful idea from So, hi. The post is called "saturday secrets" and anyone can participate. Have something you need to get off your chest? Do it anonymously here. Ohh the skeletons are going to fly from the closets!

There you have it boys and girls...4 of my favorite :)

I would really appreciate feedback.

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