Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday in Kentucky

Seeing as I have props for nearly every major holiday I knew if I didn't photograph my Mardi Gras props today, I would have to wait until next year. Or just look like a fool by doing it later. Not that I'm concerned with looking like a fool...I don't look like a fool, do I? No, of course not. Are you sure?

I shot some quick artsy fartsy pics and played with filters after. This is the result.

Oh by the by; I have changed my shipping on Etsy to free shipping in United States. That's right, you only pay for the print if you live in the US. :) Go have a look - after seeing these photos of course!

Since Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras is about colors and bright designs, I chose the same feel for processing. There is just something about those colors!

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone!

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