Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mixed Media Numba One

Day 104 and I must admit, I'm a lot more comfortable with my new routine of photographing when possible. It takes a lot of the pressure off, and gives me more time to fine tune my work.

I'm doing some shameless promotion today. If you haven't already, go to my Facebook page and "Like" it to keep up to date. Garnet Photography.

You can follow me on Twitter here.

My deviantART page is here.

You can find my little corner on GetGlue here.

I have also hopped on the bandwagon and joined fiverr.

I've found it's easier to run my jewelry and photography on the same account. I mean, it's not as though I have split personalities (or do I?) where one part of me photographs and one makes snazzy necklaces. Me thinks that would be much easier though!


I finished a request for a felt flower barrette today. I'm trying to incorporate some mixed media in my photographs, I love the organized chaos of it.

I'm still on my Paris kick (if you couldn't tell) maybe it's the Spring doing it to me. We may never know.



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