Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 100

Day 100. 265 more to go. OMG! haha. So I'm sure you are curious...what sort of photos did I take on my one hundredth day? Easter Sunday photos at my parents. Thomas and I spent the afternoon with my Mom and Dad. Dinner was wonderful and I captured some great shots.

They (the photos) pretty much speak for themselves.

They call him Stumpy (he has a stump tail)...he is a stray that has taken up at my parents. He is a cool ass cat and if I didn't already have too many animals I'd take him.

For my photo shoot the following day (yesterday) I bought a bubble blower...of course I had to test it out Sunday...you know, to make sure it worked. lol. My Golden Retriever Starr chased and ate all the bubbles she could. I managed to catch her in the act.

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