Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sights And Scenes

Day day closer to my new camera! Can you tell I'm just a little excited?!?!?! It's a big deal to me...I spent my entire life using my baby (my Canon AE-1 35mm that's old as dirt). It was my companion in Art College...but even though I feel I have mastered (some) of the fine art of has taken over. It's been a tough conversion for me. I fought it for years...but alas I have jumped on the band wagon. This doesn't change the fact that if I ever become rich I will have my own dark room and make film prints like the mad woman I am!

Getting back on subject :P

Today was one of those days were you have to force yourself to accomplish anything. Somehow I managed to photograph some of the sights I see on my way home.

But before that...I love bubbles and the dish liquid bubbles made me happy this morning. :)

Now for the scenery.

So ends another day. Back to the grind of work tomorrow. Yippee!



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