Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today was day 68 of my blog. It really wasn't a bad day, even if it was my Monday at work. I used to love playing in the rain as a kid. What happened? Why do I run for shelter instead of being spontaneous and enjoying it?

Maybe I'll never know. Maybe that's something that changes with age. At any rate, yes it was a rainy day. I figured I would try my 'night' setting on the P.O.S. camera. I was happily surprised with the results.

Since it was a uneventful day I figured I would share a very old poem of mine about the rain.

I sat in the rain for hours
Hoping I would find a way
Out of your vigorous powers
And make it yet another day

But it's a dream I'll never know
Like a quest never sought through
And all I have to show
Is this rain soaking my soul through

Never could I see
My life without your love
But what will be
Of me without your love?

I sat in the rain for days
The darkness filled my soul
I found so many ways
To leave you, making me whole

May 20, 2001

Funny how 10 years later, some things don't change...and never will.



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