Sunday, March 27, 2011

Felt Flowers FTW

Yeah yeah I'm a slacker I know. I'm 4 days behind with no photos to show. There is really no excuse, though I'm sure I could think of one if I wanted to. I have been working on this project for the past 4 days so I really don't feel like a slacker. It all came together today.

If you are keeping up with my posts (you are doing better than me!) you'll remember a previous post regarding me selling felt flowers and donating the sales to a Japanese relief fund. For those of you who slack (like me!) you can read it here. I really ran with the idea after receiving such positive feedback. Thus that's what my time has been spent on in lieu of photography.

I decided while I was making felt circles like the mad woman I am, I would give pom pom flowers a shot. They turned out very well. This starts off our photo journey for today:

The aftermath.

Finished products!

One is a hair barrette and one is a brooch.

I've made 3 flowers for the Japanese relief fund so far. Two are pins and one is a hair barrette

UPDATED: Below are the listings for the flowers!

Japan Disaster Relief-Brooch

Japan Disaster Relief-Barrette

Pom Pom Barrette-Here

Pom Pom Brooch-Here

I would love some more feedback.



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