Monday, February 14, 2011

I Long

Blog for yesterday, Sunday February 13, 44. This photo was taken yesterday...the poem, was not. I wrote it earlier in the week and needed a good post to add it to...yesterday was a good day to be gloomy.

"I Long"

I long for a life
That I can claim as mine
Away from the haze of madness
Away from the burden of limits

I long to be numb
To tear away my heart
To stall my mind
And gain control

Never satisfied with me
Never had the life I want
I dream of simplicity
In my every changing heart

I long for a world
That is all my own
Away from the pain of loss
Away from the burden of love.

This is me...this is who I am...I cannot change nor do I wish to. Buried at the bottom, looking up towards the light. 

 This is Mika in the editing (besides the obvious) no makeup...just me.

I'm almost caught up now!




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