Monday, February 14, 2011

Do The Bunny Hop

I have a lot of catching up to do...this should be interesting and will probably piss me off about half way through...

Day 41 was Thursday 10, 2011. We had a big snow the night before, but by the time I left for work most of it had melted. I photographed my footprints from the night before...shortly after the photograph, I fell on ice. I was sore, but not in that bad of shape. I guess what happened next was inevitable...I fell on Friday too! How common is ice injuries 2 days in a row? well leave it to happened. Instead of falling on the intended target (my bum) I fell on my left knee with all my weight...yeah...I've been hopping around like a damn bunny ever since. Thus this blog is way late.

Enjoy the following photos, they only bring me pain lol.

I had a friend walk beside my print sometime during the night :)

More blogs to come...


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