Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Window

Day 26. We didn't get hardly any snow here. Though some of my friends that live in BFE did get more than me. I was hoping for at least an inch or two so I could have some pics..."But as Deepak Chopra taught us, quantum physics means that anything can happen at anytime and for no reason. Also, eat plenty of oatmeal, and animals never had a war! Who is the real animal?"-Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth (Futurama).

I was able to write a poem today, shocking I know. I used to write at least once a week...sometimes once a day. I never expect anyone to understand what I write simply because it's what I'm feeling...and I don't always understand it myself :).

I wrote the poem after I took the photos so that's the order I'll post it.

"My Window"

Through my window
I can see the world
Frantically passing me by

Winter has a way
Of making you crazy
Unable to enjoy this life

I should have bottled the sun
To save it for today
To find the warmth somewhere

Through my window
The world moves forward
While I never know.


Until tomorrow. <3


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