Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Have you felt today?

Today is day 4 of my blog. I was actually productive today. It's the first time I've moved away from the computer or the couch since Christmas but of course I have been sick every freakin' day since Christmas. I literally made 12 felt flowers as Christmas presents and honestly thought I would puke if I had to make one more...but times has a way of making things new again.

What I accomplished today:

How the magic begins!
This is my first attempt using tulle on anything, I'm very pleased with the outcome..though my wonderful husband asked me "Why is it lopsided?" "Honey, it's the style" "I don't understand women"
I decided to make this one into a hair bow, so here is the backing. 

I will eventually add it to my Artfire studio for sale...once I can muster up the energy to take a decent photo of it in my hair since my husband won't let me use him as a prop. Such a party pooper. :)

If anyone reads this, I appreciate it. I need all the support I can to continue this crazy challenge.

Tomorrow's post will be after midnight due to work, but I promise there will be one.

Have a great day everyone!

Mika <3

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