Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Don't Egg Me On

Day 11. Today is 1-11-11 just in case some of you have been too busy in your day to notice. :) I just couldn't bring myself to take pictures of snow today. I mean, there are still at least 2 months left of this junk...I'm tired of seeing it anyway.

Today's Project: Food! Photographing food takes a certain skill. It's not as simple as point and shoot. You have to consider placement, lighting and have some very yummy food in front of you. What makes this even harder? Not eating the food first! It was time for me to give this aspect of photography a try. I'm not pleased or disappointed with the result. It would have much better if I had a beautiful kitchen to add to the photo *hint, hint hubby*.

This was also my first attempt at using a griddle skillet to fry an egg. I'm proud of the egg at least lol.

The finished product, again placement and lighting are everything.

Maybe I've starved a few of you, then my job is done (for today) :)



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