Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I Wore-Feedback Appreciated

If you never try, you'll never know. That seems to be my motto lately.

I'm a girl so it's no surprise I am o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d with fashion blogs. Off the top of my head these are a few I check daily:

Again just a few off the top of my head. Now that you've swooned over their blogs (I hope to have a more functioning blog...someday)

*takes deep breath*

Here is the little outfit I wore today. I bought the shrug yesterday and knew exactly which top I wanted to wear with it. Plus I had to make a special trip to town today to buy a new pair of heels - of course no one twisted my arm to do so!

I would greatly appreciate thoughts/concerns/comments on this post. It's my first attempt at self portrait - kinda proud of that. I want to know if this is something worth doing randomly (since I'm a hermit it wouldn't be weekly) or should I leave this to the professionals? Feedback, please and thank you!

Here are the cool shoes I came home with. I'm wearing a vintage style dress tomorrow and the shoes will match perfect!


  1. Awesome...oh and I LOVE the heels...a vintage dressing will be stunning with these..

  2. i love love love the shrug!!! where did it come from? you look great!!!

  3. Thanks Jessica and Kim! The heels were on sale at Shoe Show (Middlesboro) and the shrug was on sale at Cato's. I already have a beige shrug from there and knew black would go with so much!

  4. The color pops in your shirt, and you wear bright color VERY well! I know I'm not a shoe person, but I like these heels. Plus, I hate the close-fitted style of shrugs that look like someone tried to wear a kid's jacket. This is not one of those shrugs... ;)

    As for the self-portrait: Side lighting was a great choice! The light made interesting shapes and shadows all down your right side. Your core shadows have good color, and you're getting some awesome reflected light on your left side. Natural light is awesome! Your expression is pensive and intriguing, and your pose gives us some signature Mika attitude! While interesting, your pose could be more dynamic if someone was helping with the camera. You could have some interesting angles and even ground shots. (It's hard to make it into a dynamic pose when you have to set a timer and run...) Also, don't be afraid to incorporate your background into the composition. Close cropping a figure can make the composition seem forced, which quickly loses a viewer's interest. For a first attempt, you've had a great start!


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