Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The door opened first

I've always been told when one door closes another opens - I agree for the most part. Today I am changing the order of what door closes and what door opens. If I am to be honest with myself (and myself would appreciate honesty) I know photography has top priority in my life - ok, second only to my husband. Another honest observation; I only made/sold jewelry as an outlet for my grief/sorrow after my oldest brother's death. It has been nearly 3 years and I can finally put forth the focus I need to in creating my art. Deep in the depths of my heart I've known for a while. When I finally admitted it out loud I surprised myself - I felt relief, not sadness or disappointment for letting this part of me go.

My other door has already opened before this one closed...I know I will focus on photography/writing and crafting to my hearts content and I can keep every piece if I choose. I will eventually open an Etsy shop to sell my prints and note cards of some of my best photos. If I can move enough out of my Artfire shop I will move the money over to start selling prints right away.

So from now until Monday February 13th 2012 everything in my Artfire shop is 40% off. If nothing sells by February 13th I'll probably give them as Christmas presents this year. Of course I would much prefer to sell the jewelry so if you work with me and want something from the store, message me on Facebook - otherwise you can order in my store. Just a few examples of the pieces still up for grabs.

 Sale: $7.20
Sale: $8.40
Check out my store for more.

<3 Mika

PS: Are you all liking the new layout/design?

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