Monday, June 27, 2011

Shear Eclipse Salon & Day Spa

Hello dears! It has been far too long. I have a lot of back tracking to do; so lets get this show on the road, shall we? As some of you may recall I am instructing "Beginning Photography" for The Wilder Side of Art. This will be my second week and I'm no longer nervous...just excited. :) Of course I would like more people to sign up, but as long as the students I am helping actually learn something over these 8 weeks I will be happy. lol.

Work has kept me busy...I mean, BUSY. This unfortunately put a halt on any blogging and photography I had intended to share. I could make up many more excuses to go along with this, however...showing the newest set of photos seems more appropriate. ;)

A close friends/co-worker has a Salon in downtown Barbourville (the town I work in). We have teamed up since the beginning. I shoot people/products and he makes me look fabulous. Ok, so me and fabulous do not belong in the same sentence....but you get the point! We are working on offering hair/makeup/photography packages and dates at this moment (which is very exciting!) I photographed the kick-ass shop and finally have a chance to share it with the world!

Ladies and Gents; here is the official view of Shear Eclipse Salon and Day Spa

Of course I'm doing shameless promotion for Shear Eclipse: Facebook Fan Page

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