Sunday, April 24, 2011

Disguise Day

Wow...I'm literally a week behind on blog posts. Please dear readers (all 2 of you) forgive me for the tardiness. The only valid excuse I have, sinus infection. Yes...a terrible sinus infection. I have heartburn from the antibiotics to prove it! How weird is it that I've never had heartburn (as far as I know) until I started these meds? Seems pretty weird to me.

So a week later...what day was this for? Ah, yes....Saturday April 16. I took my camera to work (for the first time) because I had intended to photograph downtown Pineville at night on the way home. This just so happen to be a 'themed' day at work...we could wear disguises. Guess who was there with her camera? That's right, me! Everyone had a good laugh.

Robby-The original Cheech & Chong of the day.

Rebecca with her awesome hat

Justin...looking rather homeless.

Johnny...looking like a construction worker.

Adam...looking kinda normal

Westley and his one word caption, "QUEUE" lol

I had such a great time taking those pictures. I'm sure that was the point to the whole day any way.

It was much easier to be serious, alone at night in Pineville. I put my tripod to good use due to the lighting. I'm pleased with most of the photos.

I was not concerned if the building was centered in this photo. I was only concerned with what my camera could handle in terms of lighting.

Sorry this is so late...fingers crossed I will accomplish more tomorrow!

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